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About Unistrut


Unistrut is the premier brand in metal framing, electrical and mechanical supports with a history dating back to the 1930's . We are world leaders in our field and have been instrumental in pioneering what is now regarded as the benchmark by which the other manufactures in our industry are measured.

Our parent company Atkore international is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of cable tray and ladder tray systems, channels and metal framing, conduits, and cable clamps. With a strong engineering expertise and some of the industry’s most trusted brands Atkore International collaborate daily with engineers, contractors, and our distribution partners to build safe, winning infrastructure projects.

Unistrut is the specialist manufacturer of metal framing, electrical cable supports and pipe clamps. Unistrut has been designing and manufacturing electrical and mechanical solutions in Asia Pacific region for over 50 years. We supply highly engineered products that are critical to the performance of the most demanding commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. With manufacturing facilities worldwide, our customers have access to the most complete support systems range, including:

  • Unistrut metal framing products
  • Electrical and data supports such as Nema rated cable ladders; light, medium and heavy duty cable trays; and wiremesh trays
  • Cable & pipe clamps

We serve

  • Electrical, Mechanical and Structural applications
  • Oil and gas, power generation, mining, building and construction industries, data centers

We deliver

  • Technical Expertise
  • Time/cost savings solutions
  • Continuous innovation

Atkore International Plant at Changshu, Jiangshu, China

State of the art Atkore International manufacturing plant was inaugurated in 2011. The plant will be the regional manufacturing Hub for Atkore International and support business initiatives in near by Asian markets, with products manufactured to the Unistrut standard of quality.

Changshu is located on the Yangtze and has a deep water port. It is an hour by road from Shanghai and is also served by rail. The Changshu Port services shipping to close by Asian Nations.

The plant will custom manufacture Cable ladders, Cable Trays, Unistrut Channel and accessories.