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Nut Slip & Pullout - Performance - Stainless Steel
Slip and Pullout Performance - Stainless Steel
Pullout Slip Torque
kN kN Nm
P1000SS P1006SS 5.7 0.4 3.5
P1007SS 8.2 0.5 8.5
P1008SS 11.6 1 17
P1013SS 12.1 1.2 30
"Load capacities have been calculated in accordance with the provisions of AS/NZS 4600:1996 "Cold-formed steel structures", and in particular, Section The bolting system chosen using the data provided in the tables will perform as specified when design, fabrication and erection are carried out in accordance with Unistrut’s recommendations and accepted building practice".

To simplify the table, channel nuts with springs only shown with the exception of P3016. Unistrut nuts without springs will have identical performance.

Figures marked with (*) in the table opposite were obtained using high strength (Grade 8.8) screws.

Figures not marked with (*) were obtained using standard strength (Grade 4.6) screws. It should be noted that unless otherwise specified, standard strength screws (Grade 4.6) are supplied.

For Slip Loads using 4.6 Grade Commercial bolts and screws, Contact your local Unistrut Service Centre.

Note: Stainless steel grade 316 screws, nuts and channel used to determine loads.

These figures are results obtained from a comprehensive series of tests carried out by a NATA registered laboratory.

For further technical information please contact your nearest Unistrut Service Centre.